Karma is a…: Gang of poachers eaten by lions

A pack of lions brought suspect rhino hunters to justice after they sneaked onto a South African game reserve

According to the Shibuya Game Reserve owner, Nick Fox, during his walk, a guard found traits of what he believed was remains of rhino poachers near a pack of six lions.

A gang of suspect rhino poachers eaten by lions on Tuesday - Pixabay
A gang of suspect rhino poachers eaten by lions on Tuesday – Pixabay

As it was already getting dark, the park representatives decided to call the police for the next morning to search the area.

The search then revealed found three pairs of boots, gloves, a rifle and an axe that had been used to get the rhino horn.

“We’re almost 100% sure this is connected to rhino poaching,” Fox said.

Fox added that it was impossible to figure out how many people were killed. The remains of human bodies were scattered across the area and covered with thick brushes.

The investigators had to get the six lions tranquillized to search the area for what has remained from the illegal hunters. “Investigators and specialists combed the scene and managed to retrieve remains, which were taken by the Department of Health to conduct forensic testing,” said South African Police Service Capt. Mali Govender said.

“Investigation continues and at this stage we are unable to speculate as to how the remains ended up at the scene.”

Fox said the poachers might have gotten onto the reserve on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Their anti-poaching dog signalled a disturbance at around 4:30 a.m. on Monday, but her handler thought it was caused by the lions as they are usually active overnight and make noises.

“The anti-poaching unit never suspected anything wrong because it was the lions making noise and not the rhinos,” Fox said.

Fox explained that despite having a rifle, the poachers did not get off a shot before the lions took them down.

“It was a bit of luck for us and not so much luck for them,” he said.


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