Vienna metro hands out 14,000 deodorants

Austria’s capital metro rail staff helped commuters to cope with a heat wave

Travelling through a city during the peak of summer can be more than uncomfortable with the inescapable heat which turning the ride into a sweaty nightmare.

That is why the metro rail staff in Vienna decided to reduce the impact of heat waves by handing out thousands of deodorant spray to all commuters at the notoriously stuffy U6 line last week.


The initiative was highly appreciated by the locals who grabbed 14,000 sprays in a single day. The deodorants were “torn out of our hands,” said Daniel Amman, a spokesman for the Wiener Linien public transport company.

However, he claimed the passengers in Vienna are definitely not more odorous than in other cities. “This was primarily intended as a consolation,” he said. “High temperatures can also make one more aware of odours.”

Vienna’s U-Bahn system belongs to the most comfortable of its kind. Majority of its trains have air-conditioned cars, but some routes have the trains running overground for sections. This leaves the passengers facing the hot Vienna sun. Temperatures of 35C have been recorded in one of the cars – in comparison, the European Union’s limit for transporting cattle is 30 degrees.

In 2010, Vienna’s paper Der Standard recorded a temperature of 42.6C on a packed inner city bus. Fortunately, all the city’s buses have been equipped with air condition and such rides of hell remain a thing of the past.

Viena is not the only city that decided to help their passengers to cope with the summer season by their own measures. In 2016 for instance, the London Underground gave out free water to reduce the sauna-like feeling in the Central Line.

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