7 scariest places you never want to visit

Or do you? Anyhow, the time of the dead is coming, prepare yourself for the horrors the end of the month brings

Halloween in English speaking countries, Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico, or Samhain in the Celtic regions, they all have something in common. As the sky above the northern hemisphere gets darker and darker in autumn, the unavoidable omnipresence of death and the unknown is getting uncomfortably close.

And there are places around the globe that emphasise the notion of us being on the road to decay; yet, some of them are more chilling than others. So let’s get familiar with the destinations you should definitely avoid this season if you wish to protect your precious vessels from a heart attack.

The Island of the Dolls —  Xochimilco, Mexico

Esparta Palma / Flickr - 7 scariest places you never want to visit
Esparta Palma / Flickr

An island full of dirty old dolls hanging from trees covered with insects and spider webs. Now that is precisely the idea of a place one would think twice to enter.

And such a disturbing place truly exists. Located in the channels of Xochimilco, south of the centre of Mexico City, the Island of the Dolls has been “protecting against the evil” for more than 60 years.

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According to a legend, a young lady drowned in this area entangled among lilies. When the owner of the island, Don Julián Santana, began to undergo a series of unexplainable incidents, he linked them to the death of the poor woman.

He found a bunch of dolls in the garbage and in the canals of Cuemanco and hung them from the trees as a sign of respect. The gesture was also supposed to scare the spirit of the young lady.

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Yet, the incidents didn’t stop. Santana began to hear whispers and footsteps in the darkness. He then decided to spend more than 50 years hanging other dolls all around the island to save himself and us from the evil spirits. Thank you, I guess?

Aradale Mental Hospital — Ararat, Australia

7 scariest places you never want to visit
Eldraque77 / Creative Commons

There can be only a few scarier places than an abandoned mental asylum. The reminiscence of people going through an absolute psychological hell will cause goosebumps like nothing else.

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Built 1867, the Ararat Lunatic Asylum, how this institution was originally called, served many incurable mental patients in Victoria during the 1800s. Experts estimate that around 13,000 people died here during 126 years of operation.

The abandoned asylum consists of up of 64 empty buildings, spread over more than 40 hectares. With the resemblance to a film set of a post-apocalyptic horror film, the is no wonder why some people consider the asylum one of the most haunted places on Earth.

Frankenstein Castle — Darmstadt, Germany

7 scariest places you never want to visit

Many believe that this old stone structure in Odenwald may have been an inspiration for Mary Shelley’s famous novel, Frankenstein.

Actually, this hilltop castle was once home to a really freaky Frankenstein-like Alchymist Johann Konrad Dippel. In the late 1600s, this self-made scientist was rumoured to perform electrical therapies and conduct experiments involving stolen body parts from the graveyard.

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In spite of being in ruins with two towers, a chapel and a restaurant remaining, this location is still popular. Mainly during the times of Halloween.

Kukata Beach, Bangladesh

7 scariest places you never want to visit
Happiest persoN / Creative Commons

The Daughter of the Ocean, as the locals use to call it, is a stunning beach on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh that serves as a place of pilgrimage both to Hindus and Buddhists.

However, possibly to ruin smooth vacations on the shore, there have been some paranormal activities reported.

Settlers claim this beach to be haunted and use it as bedtime stories for their kids. A large, wooden, gold-laden boat in the surrounding forest especially. The area is supposedly home to unsettled ghosts.

Chase Vault – Barbados

7 scariest places you never want to visit
Kaspar C / Flickr

This church cemetery in Barbados is largely famous for the legend of its “mysterious moving coffins”.

The first story about the unusually active caskets appeared in 1833 in James Edward Alexander’s Transatlantic Sketches.

He claimed a certain Mrs Goddard was buried here in 1807, followed in 1808 by Ann Maria Chase, and in 1812 by Dorcas Chase. In 1812, when Thomas Chase died and was about to find his final rest in the very same cemetery, the workers opened caskets of the Chase girls and found their bodies in a “confused state, having been apparently tossed from their places.”

Similar incidents happened when the vault was open “to receive the body of another infant”. “The four coffins, all of lead, all very heavy, were much disturbed”, Alexander added. And this repeated itself for other two burials. 1816 and 1819.

Luckily, many experts find the stories historically dubious”. Maybe it’s time to explore it yourself?

Predjama Castle, Postonjna, Slovenia

7 scariest places you never want to visit

The legend has it that there are still voices heard screaming for mercy. Yes, this castle has a history of unexplained paranormal caused by inhuman violence. And being the largest cave castle in Europe, the place has served as an inspiration to various stories and movies.

The most famous figure that called the Predjama castle home was Erazem (Erasmus) Lueger. The story says that Erazem came into conflict with the Habsburgs after killing the commander of the Imperial army, Marshall Pappenheim.

Fleeing the revenge of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, Erazem found the refuge right here at Predjama. From there, he allied himself with King Matthias Corvinus and began to attack Habsburgs in Carniola. He even managed to outlast a year-long siege at the impregnable fortification placed into the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a 123m cliff.

The castle also allegedly mesmerised such tough guys like George R. R. Martin, author of the best-seller The Game of Thrones.

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